We love creating
businesses in
industries that don’t
yet exist.
We started employee engagement before it was
called ‘employee engagement’. Back in 2001.
That makes us India’s most experienced employee
engagement company.
We’ve created exciting, catchy, unique
engagement programme campaigns
for the Who’s Who of corporate
India. Our job is to make
our HR client the undeniable star in
their company.
We’re grandmasters in the art of
engagement. We are proud to be
partners with our Fortune 500
companies and have created powerful
enduring results by getting them on
the GPTW 50 list.
We are home to Runners For Life,
India’s largest running community and
progenitor of the running movement in
the country. We own some of the best
footraces in India.Our research wing, is
responsible for creativity in products
and services in various spaces.
Deep understanding
of client realities
Ideate to suit
client needs
attention to detail
Transparency, measurable results
and accountability
with expertise
Inhabiting a boisterous office space in
Bangalore's charming CBD, we're 60
professionals with widely divergent
strengths and interests.
We've studied psychology, liberal
arts, engineering, public
relations, client management,
sales, and more.
We’re young, hungry,
agile and scary smart.

We’ve worked in areas ranging from
human resources, training, engineering,
business development, events, hospitality,
social media and design.
We thrive in an environment of
trust, transparency and
meaningful work.

A need to deliver great quality
output that we can stand
behind confidently – that is
what drives us.
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