Case Studies

League Of The Fit
Study’s reveal at 87% of people quit fitness activities within 20 days.
League Of The Fit is a gamified health and wellness product that perfectly fits into the corporate environment.
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Scaling and stabilizing the rewarding of long service at Dell India
John F Kennedy said, “ The highest appreciation is not to utter them, but to live by them.” When Dell India spoke to us about their bandwidth drain in getting their long service awards out to deserving candidates, we knew that was a problem we’d love to dig into. Add to that, a process with intricacies built-in…
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Kids’ Day at Work – It’s that time of the year again!
Globally, there is a drive to integrate not just employees into the organization but it is imperative to engage the family of the employee as well, so that the purpose of the organization permeates to the extended ‘family’.
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